Buckyballs GOLD Edition Magnetic Puzzle

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The fun never stops! The hottest of the Year. It's a super-strong magnet, it's a toy & it's a stress reliever. This rare earth magnetic toy gives you and your loved ones hours of fun to build endless objects.

You can snap, pull, mold, squeeze and construct an endless variety of shapes with the 216 pieces set in Gold. Each spherical magnet is made from a rare-earth, super-strong magnetic metal known as neodymium.

With these magnetic balls, you can create many cool shapes. You can play "darts" on your refrigerator even. Or just use them as small, but strong magnets for displaying photos or holding papers.

This set includes 216 pieces of neodymium rare earth magnets in Gold It measures a standard 5mm diameter, 5,000 gauss of magnetic power which means it's super strong, one piece of magnetic ball can hold a half-pound wrench. It lets you create unlimited shapes, with your imaginations and flexibility constructions. With the high quality nickel plating, these magnets are among the highest quality you can ever find and best of all, it does not rust!

Please note the product is in generic packaging. 

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Buckyballs GOLD Edition Magnetic Puzzle.

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